Helping Hands


Need a helping hand? Need a ride? Call the church office! (903) 825-3642 (8am-noon M-F)

We currently have over 30 volunteers with all kinds of skills and interests who are waiting to help YOU! Here are some ways we can help. Whether listed below or not, if you need a hand, call us! And if you want to join the volunteer list, call us!

Minor household repairs. Maybe you need a light bulb changed or a drain unclogged. If it is beyond our skill level, we’ll help you get a reputable contractor and can supervise the work.

Grocery shopping. We have volunteers who will take you and assist with the shopping or even do the shopping for you if you are unable to go.

Medical Services. Need an injection or a bandage changed? We can provide some basic medical assistance.
Help with houseplants or pet care (walking, feeding)

Need a friend? Maybe you just need someone to come and visit. Call us!

Sewing and mending. Don’t have a sewing machine anymore? We can help!

Just got home from the hospital and need meals for a few days? Call us!

Basic computer help. Do you need to set up a new email address? Find a missing file? We’ll help if we can!

Major project. Want to enclose the patio or renovate a bathroom but don’t know where to start? People who have been in the construction business can help with the planning, assist in selecting a contractor, and oversee the work if you want.

Need a ride? If you have to be somewhere and don’t have a way to get there, give us a call! We currently have 16 volunteer drivers. 48 hours notice preferred but not required.